Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Foto Artis Indonesia Lidya Pratiwi

Model and soap opera star Lidya Partiwi little known publicly. But suddenly, this extra star became famous and pursued by reporters, after a criminal act involving himself and his family. Lidya, along with his mother and his uncle Joseph Vince, Tony Jusuf planned murder of model Naek Hutagalung Gonggom found dead at Mermaid Cottage, Ancol, North Jakarta on April 28, 2006. This murder involving a robbery motive Lidya Partiwi as bait, which was Lidya status as a close friend of the victim.

A number of the victim's valuables and evidence of withdrawal of money through an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) be evidence of their crime.Consequently UNTUNG ADA JINI soap star just Jini embraced Islam, was sentenced to 14 years in prison, after his uncle got a life sentence and his mother sued the death penalty. Lidya is now in the process of appeal, and considered the verdict too incriminating himself. Lidya was not involved in the action carried out by evil people who notabenenya, mother and her uncle. Meanwhile, in a trial-soap star ANDE-ANDE LOEMOET, must undergo harsh treatment in the form of blows made by the victim's family. Moestopo it must receive treatment in hospital for three days. As a result of the incident, Naek families also face legal proceedings.

Foto Artis Indonesia Ersa Mayori

Ersa majority is a soap opera acting star, model and television presenter, born in Jakarta, May 14, 1979. Acting ability shown through soap operas and comedy TUYUL DAN MBAK YUL, TERSANJUNG 5 dan TERSAYANG. But later he breaks from the activities of soap and only a presenter.

As a presenter, a former cover girl brought a number of television programs, including the September music event in TPI and Selection Strategy in TVRI. Ersa later also became a presenter for the program that display the Insert gossip in TransTV. n Ersa career has also been preoccupied with the event organizer, PT Jakarta Entertaiment Network, which manages with Tia Ivanka singer and presenter Emma Warokka.

Ersa itself is the wife of Otto Satria Jauhari son of a banker Dicky Iskandar Dinata. Thus is the brother-in-law Ersa from famed director Nia Dinata. Alumni of the marriage is Atmajaya University Psychology Department is blessed with two children, Aiska Malaika Fairana and Talula. After giving birth her second child, Ersa back entertainmet active in the world.  In early 2009, Ersa  become hosts DREAM GIRL that appear on Global TV. This is a show for young mothers to explore their talents.

Foto Artis Indonesia Ersa Mayori

Monday, October 12, 2009

Foto Artis Sinetron Marcella Zalianty

Zalianty Marcella was born in Jakarta, March 7, 1980. His career started from the model and then extended pangung a soap opera actress and wide screen. Success starring in soap operas CERITA CINTA, SEPHIA, MALAM PERTAMA dan TARGET CIUMANmaking him count the producers. Marcell, so nicknamed, is the daughter of soap opera actress Liz Tetty Indriati and actress Olivia's brother Zalianty. Women who had dikhabarkan close to the star of this Baadilah Fauzi, success also staring on the big screen. The success of these films,ELIANA...ELIANA, BINTANG JATUH, TRAGEDI, BELAHAN JIWA dan BROWNIES.  Even through movies BROWNIES, has delivered himself as the best female actor Indonesian Film Festival 2005. Marcell last film titled DENIAS SENANDUNG DI ATAS AWAN also be the best movie FFI 2006.

Marcella, who said a relationship with the national driver Ananda Mikola, beginning in December 2008 had suddenly become headline in case of abuse against his colleague, Great Setiawan.  Receivable debt problems said to be the cause of the persecution. And this violence involving Ananda and her brother, Moreno Soeprapto. For months, the police were busy investigating the case, the end of this case to trial soon. The case also eventually dragged the little brother of Marcella, Sergio. This is making the mother, Liz Tetty was devastated. The first trial of a case of this public uproar would be held on Thursday, March 5, 2009. Travel trial Marcella tough enough decision on his case finally came out on May 18, 2009. Unfortunately, good fortune has not sided with him. By the prosecutor, Marcella required 18 months in prison. On June 22, 2009, finally making Marcella case revealed. Of the four chapters that indicted him, only one article is considered guilty. Cut the detainees who had lived, then on June 23, 2009 he can be free. According to plan, Marcella was released on June 23, 2009.

Foto Artis Terbaru Vonny Cornelia

Cornellya Vonny Vonny Permatasari known as Cornelia (born in Bogor, West Java, August 14 1979; age 30 years) is a star sinetron and players film Indonesia. Vonny dulu dikenal sebagai salah satu anggota grup vokal Bening . Vonny was once known as one of the vocal group Bening.

Daughter and Isang Subartono couples Warsiati Supratmi started his career as a model, begins its participation in the election of Cover Girl Mode magazine in 1992.In 1997, along with three fellow models, Goddess Murniaty, Ditasiani Oktovie, Vera Soedibyo, Vonny join a group vocal Bening. Under the guidance of Lionel Richie Widianto, Dody Is, and Carlo Saba from Kahitna, Bening released their first album in 1997 titled It's Love. [2] After that Bening launches single Rasakan (1998) and last in 2000, the album spawned a romantic Bening tembang hit with his "Salam Semesta". Bening whole album made by Music Studios. After that they decided for their own career. This separation is also suspected due to Vonny who are too busy in the world of soap operas that Bening neglect. Soap operas starring the ever Muslim Vonny include Biarkan Orang Bicara , Kemuning , Dewi Fortuna , Tunjuk Satu Bintang , Ali & Sevira , Sang Pecinta , Satu Cincin Dua Cinta , dan Waktu Terus Berjalan . The youngest of five brothers also played for've tasted the big screen, even if only as a supporting role in the film that is between Antara Aku, Piano, dan Puisimu (2005). Vonny also been a finalist candidate Lux star in 2000. Vonny has established the love with Baim Wong, and Baim he was involved for 1 year.Vonny is now back in love with a former knitting lover Marshanda it.

Foto Artis Indonesia Dhea Ananda

Nadia Ananda Budi, known as Dhea Ananda (born in Jakarta, May 26 1986; age 23 years) is a singer and star sinetron Indonesia. Dhea began his career as a singer little since becoming champion Little Star II Festival in 1993. Dhea and then reunited with Affandy (champion I) and Leony (nominees) to form the Trio Kwek Kwek. To hone his talent, though vocal Dhea practice in Bina Sound Art Studios raised by Elvas. This little trio of singers had launched a 7 albums before they broke up when the three grew up. When he was joined by Trio Kwek Kwek, Dhea had launched a solo spiritual album. ne of the flagship song of the album is "Heaven on the soles of my mother's feet". Since his name more known, offers to fill the other activities to come. Among others he asked to be a presenter Klib Klab TPI (1996). LThen in 1999 he was believed to be a presenter Be-Te.

As a teenager, Dhea issued another album. In the album titled "16 Candles" is there a song Dhea mainstay of "I, You and Him". The song is a reflection of personal experience Dhea while still high school. As a former colleague at Trio Kwek Kwek, Leony, Dhea career was more concentrated on the role of the arts world. Eldest of two brothers and even starred in several soap operas playing on the big screen in the movie "Ghost" is a horror theme. Dhea soap operas starring, among others, Lupus Millenia, Cerita Cinta, Malam Pertama, Djail, Kisah Sedih di Hari Minggu, Sumpah, Gue Sayang Loe, dan Anak Haram. After high school, college Dhea continue in the Faculty of Literature of China University of Indonesia. But Dhea then moved to one of the Faculty of Psychology of private universities because of lack of fit with previous college majors.

Foto Artis Indonesia Alexandra Gottardo

Alexandra Gottardo is usually called Ria or Xandra (born in Malang, East Java, January 9 1985) is a model, presenter, and actress Indonesia. Couples only daughter Carlo Gottardo and Banik Ekawati has starred in several soap operas, among others, Dan , Karena Cinta , Si Yoyo , Cinta Memang Gila , Cinta Remaja , Makin Sayang , Malin Kundang , Intan , Penyihir Cinta , Maha Cinta , Cinta 2020 , Sherina , Roman Picisan , dan Perempuan. Women bleed Italy - Malang who liked music reggae and Latin also been supporting the film Children of Borobudur and Medley (2007). Alexandra is currently being established the love with the former drummer for the group Dewa 19 Tyo Nugros.

Foto Artis Terbaru Agni Pratistha

Agni Pratistha Arkadewi Kuswardono (born in Canberra, Australia, December 8, 1987, aged 23 years, height 178 cm) is the reigning Miss Indone...