Monday, October 12, 2009

Foto Artis Terbaru Vonny Cornelia

Cornellya Vonny Vonny Permatasari known as Cornelia (born in Bogor, West Java, August 14 1979; age 30 years) is a star sinetron and players film Indonesia. Vonny dulu dikenal sebagai salah satu anggota grup vokal Bening . Vonny was once known as one of the vocal group Bening.

Daughter and Isang Subartono couples Warsiati Supratmi started his career as a model, begins its participation in the election of Cover Girl Mode magazine in 1992.In 1997, along with three fellow models, Goddess Murniaty, Ditasiani Oktovie, Vera Soedibyo, Vonny join a group vocal Bening. Under the guidance of Lionel Richie Widianto, Dody Is, and Carlo Saba from Kahitna, Bening released their first album in 1997 titled It's Love. [2] After that Bening launches single Rasakan (1998) and last in 2000, the album spawned a romantic Bening tembang hit with his "Salam Semesta". Bening whole album made by Music Studios. After that they decided for their own career. This separation is also suspected due to Vonny who are too busy in the world of soap operas that Bening neglect. Soap operas starring the ever Muslim Vonny include Biarkan Orang Bicara , Kemuning , Dewi Fortuna , Tunjuk Satu Bintang , Ali & Sevira , Sang Pecinta , Satu Cincin Dua Cinta , dan Waktu Terus Berjalan . The youngest of five brothers also played for've tasted the big screen, even if only as a supporting role in the film that is between Antara Aku, Piano, dan Puisimu (2005). Vonny also been a finalist candidate Lux star in 2000. Vonny has established the love with Baim Wong, and Baim he was involved for 1 year.Vonny is now back in love with a former knitting lover Marshanda it.

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