Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Foto Artis Seksi Kiki Fatmala

Kiki Fatmala (born in Jakarta, Indonesia, October 26 1969) is the player the movie and sinetron Indonesia.
Before entering into films, Kiki really aspires to be a stewardess. As a model photo calendar, malaysia girl Sundanese (Father) and Pakistan (the mother) was in demand to play in the film "heat" in the cinema. But lately, he tends to choose a role in a drama.

Since 1992, the glass screen and some soap operas digelutinya he had starred, one of them is a serial comedy 'Ada Ada Saja'. His name was more popular when he played in the series 'Si Manis Jembatan Ancol'. Kiki is currently active as a teacher is more aerobic. And he has set up an aerobics studio in Kifa named. Kiki had Fatmala public stir over the feud between Kate and his mother Fatma Farida in late 2005. Kiki married a Christian Froeschel in Swetle, Austria, August 14, 2004, and was registered in the Civil Registry Office, Jakarta. Unfortunately, different religious marriage did not last long. December 5, 2006, they have been officially divorced.

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